About Us

Hello and welcome to the Bond Cliff Bug Protection webpage!  A brief history of BCBP.  It all started in 2017 when my wife questioned the amount of traditional bug spray we were using.  Were better alternatives in keeping the bugs away available?  Tried a couple natural repellents and had mixed reviews......  Decided to make my own!

So began the studying up on essential oils, what oils repel what insect, what ratio of oils to use, what type of carrier oil to use, is this going to be an oil or spray?  Put together a few combinations and took them out for some test runs.  Testing took place in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (Black Fly season), Sanibel Island, FL, Hunting Island, SC, Mahoosuc Mountains in Maine, and various whitewater/flat water trips in Maine and New Hampshire.  By the end of the year had settled on what Bond Cliff Bug Protection would be 'For All Those Who Work and Play Outdoors.'  Essential Oils of Cedar Wood, Lavender, Rosemary, and Citronella, with Grapeseed Oil and Distilled Water as the carrier delivered in a pump spray bottle.

Since then it has been a steady growth of the business.  Beginning with local sales in the western White Mountains via my personal FaceBook page, then local stores carrying it, followed by creating a FaceBook page for Bond Cliff Bug Protection and selling it from there.  Customer base has expanded outside New England to the Midwestern, Mid Atlantic, and Southeastern states.  With the new website looking forward to meeting new customers!  Have to say it has been a joy to have users send in pictures of their BCBP from their adventures all over the US, Canada, and in Europe. 

I thank you for your interest and of course feel free to ask any questions!


John L Saunders